Finding Soul: A Constellation of Stories co-directed by Andrea Parson & Susan Banyas

Rehearsal Video This collaboration with Dancer, Andrea Parson, began with a Soul Stories training and evolved into dance/theatre featuring solos and ensemble trio back-up by Andrea, Stephanie Schaaf, and Megan Dawn, with opening story & direction by S. Banyas.

Backstage at Coho Theatre/summer festival, 2018

Blue Wheel Series, 2014-15


Blue Wheel, Documentary, 2013, 11:47 The color wheel of blue, as described by painters Lucinda Parker, Will Cotton, and dancers Lavinia Vago and Kate Wallich

Blue Wheel Performance Trailer, 2014, 2:14 Performance collage featuring painter, Lucinda Parker, multi-media artist, Bill Will, dancers Gregg Bielemeier, Stephanie Schaaf, Dorinda Holler, Celine Bouly, Susan Banyas, music by David Ornette Cherry, lighting by Peter West and Bill Boese

Blue Wheels, 2015, 2:00 Solo by blue wheels


The Hillsboro Story trailer, 2010, 3:23 World Premier, Artist Repertory Theatre, Portland, OR Featuring actors Laverne Green, Jennifer Lanier, Page Jones, Susan Banyas, Music by David Ornette Cherry. Video by Quincy Davis

Safe House, 2010, by Quincy Davis, 3:25 On his first visit to his great-great-great Grandmother’s farm in Highland County Elizabeth Edwards Civil War diary noted: “no strangers here today.” Quakers called fugitives from slavery “travelers” and “strangers”, a form of code.