Dance Storytelling Multi-Media Teaching Directing Collaborations


“We make our lives from what we love.” — John Cage, Composer

In 1976, Louise Steinman, John Marron, and I created an assemblage of movement & poetry & ritual & ceremony, SO&SO&SO&SO, 7 Off Moments. The name stuck and found its root response in the breath-body-mind-form practices that continue to guide this joyful crossroads of inquiry.

SO & SO OFF & ON 1976-Present 3:03 music: “Silent Drama” by David Ornette Cherry performance credits on Vimeo link


OUTTAKES 4 movement monologues from the book, full show, 50 minutes

Angel of Justice, from Part I

The Shadow Dance is Holy, from Part II

Child of the Cold War, from Part III

Heart of Justice, from Part IV

Premier: KALA performance space, Astoria Oregon, 2019 page 4


& EXCERPTS scenes from the book

literary Mandrake Bar, LA, with 4 other writers, 2019 Astoria Public Library, poetry month, 2018

kaleidoscope template 11th grade Language Arts Curriculum to develop original writing based on memory and research, using The Hillsboro Story text and Soul Stories method as research templates, written by Portland Public Schools, 2011

voiced history Cleveland School for the Arts, OH, text used to teach Civil Rights and Cold War history, 2017-18-19

theatre Southern State Community College, Hillsboro, OH theatre ensemble performed scenes from the book as voiced choreography, 2019

FOREST VISIONS a Community Project, Astoria, Oregon, 2018-19

Eco Education Roundtables, Art Exhibit, Poetry, Speaker Series, Film To spark community conversations and education related to climate change, accelerated clear cutting by Wall Street driven industrial timber corporations, and new visions based on the intelligence of trees, community survival, and innovative design.

Created in collaboration with photographer/writer Roger Dorband (left), Clatsop Community College Librarian, Dan McClure (right), CREATe (Columbia River Estuary Action Team), CCC Faculty, and Guest Artists

Link to Press

KUNDALINI HISTORY Voices from the Great Serpent in development


The Great Serpent Mound, a quarter-mile-long earthwork, with seven coils, a spiral tail, and a head swallowing (or expelling) and egg (or turtle). This mysterious memory form was created 5000 years ago and sited on a cliff face shaped like the head of a serpent, the result of a crypto-explosion 350 million years ago when an asteroid hit the earth and forced the land up, creating fault lines of energy from core to surface. Embedded in the Serpent’s design are the cosmic language of celestial movement, geometry, and stories. I grew up 20 miles from this sacred site.

A crop circle appeared opposite the head of the Great Serpent in 2003. Another crop circle appeared in 2012, in a farmer’s field opposite the Hopewell Ceremonial Site, a phenomenal earthwork complex 2500 years old, in the neighboring county.

This work-in-progress weaves voices of a Lenape Turtle Clan Mother, poets, archeo-astronomer, philosopher, crop circle specialist, park archeologist, early explorers, dancers, musicians together to evoke the power and medicine of this monumental work.

Link to short film 1:33


Pilot: June 2019, International Society for the Study of Time, Time in Variance, Loyola Marymount University, LA. Collaboration with composer David Ornette Cherry, performed with bassist Ollie Elder, Jr., percussionist, John Price, poet-philosopher Frederick Turner.